C# Framework 4.6.1, MVC project using Kentico 12 (Lucene.Net 3.0.3). This is a followup to a previous question that has since been solved (Using the wrong escape character for Lucene lexical error at line 1 Cannot Parse Encountered . Kentico 12), but I now have a new, and probably related, issue.

Within my Index I'm doing a field search (on diameter) for the following text phrase, and it should only return a single row:

.25" to .6" (6.35mm to 15.24mm)

I'm escaping this whole phrase as follows:

diameter:\\((.25\\" to .6\\" \\(6.35mm to 15.24mm\\)))

This technically works but returns a bunch of rows, including the single record that I want. The actual row that I want is listed first, and has (by far) the highest score. That being said, I can't just take the top 1, and it should only be returning the single item.

The big question: How do I get the exact match with this search expression? Does it have something to do with the TO value that's used? Could Lucene think this is a range? Add a '+'? In addition, I have escaped the word TO using \to and \\to, and neither changes the result set. Thoughts on how to fix this?

Thanks for your help!

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