I am using Mule 4 to make a flow and on the error handling I want it to transform the message to something that uses the existing payload.

My code is

transactionNotification: {
    "Testout": "Band", 
    "errorNotification": p("api.name"),
    "transactionCode": p("notification.errorCode"),
    "transactionStatus": p("notification.error"),
    remark: {
        messageCode: p("notification.messageCode"),
        messageText: payload

and I get the error

Scripting language error on expression '%dw 2.0 output


transactionNotification: { "Testout": "B...'. Reason: Unable to resolve reference of payload..

The same code seems to work in the normal flow and the error goes away when I delete payload.

  • Still unclear about what you are asking, where do u input reference of payload value for Testout, is it hardcoded value ? – Ven Jul 3 at 10:05
  • Are you getting the error in the Studio or while the project is executing? – jradich1234 Jul 5 at 18:26

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