I am making a call to an API and returning a list of custom objects (Observable<ArrayList<Pin>>). Before I send the list back to the subscriber, I want to add an object I am creating locally and separately from the API call. Here is my code:

        val requestInterface = Retrofit.Builder()

            //How do I add a custom Pin object to the list retrieved in requestInterface.getPins before I send it to the callback?

use map operation, you can convert your data to anything by map:

        .map{ it ->
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  • I am using CompositeDisposable and that doesn't have a map function – darkknightsds Jul 3 '19 at 2:38
  • sorry for my misunderstanding, does requestInterface.getPins() return a disposable? If so, you can use map in requestInterface.getPins() and I've updated my answer. – Kevin Jul 3 '19 at 2:54

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