I have Installed Microsoft Integration Runtime configuration Manager When I have Migrated Data from On-Premise SQL Server to Azure Data Lake and when I'm trying to use for another Azure Data Factory I don't find a space to add new key for the data factory. How to do it. Thanks in Advance


On the machine where your Integration Runtime is installed, you should have a file named:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Integration Runtime\3.0\PowerShellScript\RegisterIntegrationRuntime.ps1

Running it with your domain\username as your $credential and your Key1 from ADF as your $gatewayKey will result in a re-registration, binding your local IR process to the IR identity in your new Data Factory.

Source: https://github.com/MicrosoftDocs/azure-docs/issues/7956

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    This worked, thank you. The service has to be running, and the script needs to be run with administrative privileges.
    – Mr. TA
    Dec 2 '19 at 19:38
  • Saved my day!!! .\RegisterIntegrationRuntime.ps1 - gatewayKey <Key rom new IR> was sufficient. I was logged in with admin account and did have service running.
    – Jasko
    Sep 22 at 18:48

You can reuse an existing self-hosted integration runtime infrastructure that you already set up in a data factory. This enables you to create a linked self-hosted integration runtime in a different data factory by referencing an existing self-hosted IR (shared).

To share a self-hosted integration runtime by using PowerShell, see Create a shared self-hosted integration runtime in Azure Data Factory with PowerShell.

For a twelve-minute introduction and demonstration of this feature, watch the following video: Hybrid data movement across multiple Azure Data Factories.

For more details, refer "Sharing the self-hosted integration runtime with multiple data factories".

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