I have a table like below with three columns: Year, Type1, and Type2. I need a measure that can flag a change in Type2 for each Type1 over year. A measure that gives a column like Change in Type2 below:

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For example, this measure could give 1 if Type2 in Type1 has changed next year, and it gives 0 if Type2 stays the same so that at the end I can have this table:

enter image description here

Is there any measure that can calculate this? Many thanks in advance

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You can do the change in Type2 by comparing versus the previous year:

Change in Type2 =
VAR CurrType2 = SELECTEDVALUE ( Table1[Type2] )
VAR CurrYear = SELECTEDVALUE ( Table1[Year] )
VAR PrevType2 =
        SELECTEDVALUE ( Table1[Type2] ),
        ALL ( Table1[Type2] ),
        Table1[Year] = CurrYear - 1
    IF ( ISBLANK ( PrevType2 ), BLANK(), IF ( CurrType2 = PrevType2, 0, 1 ) )

The sum of the change is then pretty simple:

Change Sum = SUMX ( VALUES ( Table1[Type1] ), [Change in Type2] )
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  • Thank you very much for taking your time. It worked nicely! – Hassi Jul 5 '19 at 19:20

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