I am new to react and I am working on a project. I come across both ts and tsx extensions. I don't understand where should I use ts or tsx. Any help on this is much appreciated. Thank you


Use .ts for pure Typescript files.

Use .tsx for files which contain JSX.

For example, a react component would be .tsx but a file containing helper functions would be .ts

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  • To add to this (correct) answer, it's the same as if you were doing React without TypeScript, you would use .js and .jsx for pure javascript vs JSX javascript files. – Cal Irvine Jul 3 '19 at 13:50
  • not necessarily, you can write pure TS React components, I'd reword it as: a react component containing "tag like" react syntax (which is really tsx). Just to clarify that to anyone that doesn't really know about it. – sab Oct 14 at 7:54

.tsx extension is used when we want to embed JSX elements inside the files while .ts is used for plain Typescript files and do not support adding JSX Elements.

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when you use .tsx you can use JSX in that particular file while .ts gives you error.

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