Looking to search a value in an array of array and returning index. Most of the answers are array of objects. So I am looking to search for eg 22 and get 2 as the index where the value was found

Here is the code pen https://codesandbox.io/s/lodash-playground-array-pzzhe

const arr = [["a","b"],["f","r"],["r",22,"t"]];
console.log("arr", arr);


You could take plain Javascript with Array#findIndex with Array#includes.

var array = [["a", "b"], ["f", "r"], ["r", 22, "t"]],
    value = 22,
    index  = array.findIndex(a => a.includes(value));


Option 1 Use findIndex

const arr = [["a","b"],["f","r"],["r",22,"t"]];
console.log(arr.findIndex(a => a.includes(22)));

Option 2: Use functions indexOf and includes:

const arr = [["a","b"],["f","r"],["r",22,"t"]];
// find element
const element = arr.find(a => a.includes(22));
// find element index
const currentIndex = arr.indexOf(element)



indexOfFlat = (val, array) => array.findIndex(_arr => _arr.includes(val));
const arr = [["a","b"],["f","r"],["r",22,"t"]];
console.log("arr", arr);
console.log("index", indexOfFlat(22, arr))
<script src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/lodash.js/4.17.11/lodash.core.min.js"></script>


In case you would actually need the sub-array in which the value was found, you could also use Array.find and its index and get both:

const arr = [["a","b"],["f","r"],["r",22,"t"]];

let index, subArr = arr.find((x,i) => x.includes(22) && ~(index=i))

console.log('sub-array: ', subArr)
console.log('index: ', index)

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