I'm creating a package that will not be part of an official Debian distribution (it is proprietary, no source code), but will be available from a privately-hosted repository. I would like to follow the Debian packaging instructions for file placement, and I need some help finding the right document.

According to the Packaging Manuals, "add-on application software packages" goes in /opt while /usr/lib is for packaged applications and /usr/local/bin is for local software. I'm looking for a definition of these terms that explains how to categorize third-party applications installed by a local administrator using packages.

I'm not looking for opinions, but for definitions/instructions in the official documentation. I've spent some time reading things but believe there is something I've missed since it seems certain that there are explicit directions.

If you believe that any location is fine for any software (but there may be different opinions), please answer the underlying question by saying something along the lines of "There are no clear rules because the documentation is inconsistent."

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    Thanks for clarifying the question; I agree now it is not primarily opinion-based and have voted to reopen it. – TylerH Jul 8 '19 at 15:20

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