In flutter I'm using Firebase In-app messaging. It says that to test my campaigns on my device I can provide a Firebase Instance ID:

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Documentation says

Find your testing app's Instance ID by checking the Logcat in Android Studio for the following Info level log: I/FIAM.Headless: Starting InAppMessaging runtime with Instance ID YOUR_APP_ID

But I'm using Visual Code Studio to run my Flutter code. In "Debug Console" tab I do have some messages related to FIAM.Headless but nothing about "Starting InAppMessaging runtime with Instance ID YOUR_APP_ID"

How can I get the Firebase Instance IDs in Flutter?


The Flutter extension for VS Code doesn't include anything for displaying raw logcat output like Android Studio but you can run adb logcat in the built-in Terminal to get the same output that you would in Android Studio.

Though as mentioned above, you could print the token yourself without needing to parse through the full output, something like:

  • Hi, adb logcat did the trick thanks :) Firebase instance Id and FCM are 2 differents things though: adb logcat gave me something like eF1vOdp*** while my FCM token (which I retrieved with firebaseMessaging.getToken()) is eF1vOd***:APA91bELs7rLF7KIxw_q4Dkh26aqEzUF0_-NbNlR0wGU1csY2UhLolEjrSWzm0RCH2Uwn3kYzk4jObnuFA0zZvVL0jveFpTKnJDsyNT6T8ssjY9sB8BhvUEKYq352aIU2HwUsKgsGRUG, so actually the instance Id is the 10 first characters of the FCM, so yeah technically i could have use getToken() :) – woshitom Jul 4 '19 at 7:13
  • Aha, I wasn't entirely familiar with the library. Glad you got what you need! :-) – Danny Tuppeny Jul 4 '19 at 11:14

You can get instance id token in your flutter logs as well, using firebase flutter library methods.

firebaseMessaging.getToken() returns promise which you can print and get the id. You can also listen onTokenRefresh stream and whenever token changes you can print it.

If you want to access android logcat then you can either start Android studio on your repo's android folder it will automatically pick your debug app. Or you can look for plugins which allow you to view logcat in vs code.


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