I am getting a set of comma separated string from database through an Ajax call which looks like


I tried to load it into an array using

let imgNames = []; 

now loging the array looks ok as:

enter image description here

but when I try to access the elements in a loop like

 for (let i = 0; i <2; i++) { 
  inx += '<li class="list-inline-item"> <div class="product" data-fname="'+imgNames[i]+'"></div></li>';

it is dumping all element of array in only first fname ! and adding undefined to orthers. Again as you can see I have already 3 elements in the imgNames array!

Why is this happening and how I can fix this?

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imgNames is an array with only one element, the comma splitted array.

This happens because you're pushing obj[i]['indicators'].split(',') into the empty imgNames array.

Your code should be:

let tuples = obj[i]['indicators'].split(',')

Assuming that imgNames is not empty

If not, then simply do let imgNames = obj[i]['indicators'].split(',')

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You are pushing an array in the first element

use concat instead of push

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  • You are missing the assignment, back to imageNames = imageNames.concat(...) – Get Off My Lawn Jul 3 '19 at 17:14

You can use Spread Syntax to add each item to the array so you don't have an array of arrays but instead an array of strings.

let imagNames = ['img-1', 'img-2']

Will result in the following:

imageNames = ['img-1', 'img-2', 'b-819-0', 'b-819-1', 'b-819-2']

Instead of resulting in:

imageNames = [
  'img-1', 'img-2',
  ['b-819-0', 'b-819-1', 'b-819-2']
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