The startup page in my Blazor application is Index.cshtml. I'd like to change the startup page to the homepage, namely my Home.cshtml.
I'm using vs2019, ASPNET CORE Blazor (0.9.0-preview3-19154-020).

Blazor Serverside has routing in the Startup.cs, which i think is for the services, and not for the pages...and is left as generated by creating a new Blazor project.

app.UseMvc(routes =>
   routes.MapRoute(name: "default", template: "{controller}/{action}/{id?}");

The client's startup has (as generated by a new Blazor project):

public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)

 public void Configure(IComponentsApplicationBuilder app)

Do I need to register the routing in the client side startup.cs somehow?

the index.cshtml only has one line of code in it:

@page "/"

How do I change my 'startup' page from Index.cshtml to Home.cshtml?

I've looked in a lot of places and understand Blazor is 'experimental'. Feels like i'm working way to hard to change something this simple.


Copy the @page directive including the route template:

@page "/"

from the Index.cshtml file to the Home.cshtml file, and then remove the Index.cshtml file, or provide a different route template to its @page directive e.g.

@page "/index"

Just put @page "/" on top of your page you want to be default. Remove @page "/" from Index.razor

@page "/"
@page "/fetchdata"

Here's what we ended up doing (for better or worse)... We found through numerous tests that the following line of code in the cshtml file was causing one of the errors:

@inject Microsoft.AspNetCore.Blazor.Services.WebAssemblyUriHelper UriHelper

After deleting this line we fixed the other error by changing: This =

// Create list of clients
List<Clients> clientList = new List<Clients>();

to This =

// Create list of clients
List<CWBlah.Shared.Models.Clients> clientList = new `List<CWBlah.Shared.Models.Clients>();`

So, it appears it's a scoping issue, though i can't clearly understand why. When i add the @using directive to the top of the page the code doesn't seem to 'listen' to that directive. I would expect that the @using CWBlah.Shared.Models would allow me to just use Clients instead of scoping the entire variable. we ended up not doing the redirect, but ended up putting all of our 'Dashboard' logic into the 'Index.cshtml'.

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