I am trying to mock a response from my usecases, this usecase works with coroutines.

fun getData() {
    getProductsUseCase.execute(this::onSuccessApi, this::onErrorApi)

My useCase is injected on presenter.

GetProductsUseCase has this code:

class GetProductsUseCase (private var productsRepository: ProductsRepository) : UseCase<MutableMap<String, Product>>() {

    override suspend fun executeUseCase(): MutableMap<String, Product> {
        val products =productsRepository.getProductsFromApi()
        return products

My BaseUseCase

abstract class UseCase<T> {

    abstract suspend fun executeUseCase(): Any

    fun execute(
        onSuccess: (T) -> Unit,
        genericError: () -> Unit) {
        GlobalScope.launch {
            val result = async {
                try {
                } catch (e: Exception) {
            GlobalScope.launch(Dispatchers.Main) {
                when {
                    result.await() is GenericError -> genericError()
                    else -> onSuccess(result.await() as T)


This useCase call my repository:

override suspend fun getProductsFromApi(): MutableMap<String, Product> {
    val productsResponse = safeApiCall(
        call = {apiService.getProductsList()},
        error = "Error fetching products"
    productsResponse?.let {
                    return productsMapper.fromResponseToDomain(it)!!
    return mutableMapOf()

Y try to mock my response but test always fails.

class HomePresenterTest {

    lateinit var presenter: HomePresenter

    lateinit var view: HomeView

    lateinit var getProductsUseCase: GetProductsUseCase

    lateinit var updateProductsUseCase: UpdateProductsUseCase

    private lateinit var products: MutableMap<String, Product>

    private val testDispatcher = TestCoroutineDispatcher()
    private val testScope = TestCoroutineScope(testDispatcher)

    lateinit var productsRepository:ProductsRepositoryImpl

    fun setUp() {
        products = ProductsMotherObject.createEmptyModel()
        presenter = HomePresenter(view, getProductsUseCase, updateProductsUseCase, products)

    fun after() {


    fun a() = testScope.runBlockingTest {


    private suspend fun setTasksNotAvailable(dataSource: ProductsRepository) {

I don't know what is happening. The log says:

"Wanted but not invoked:
-> at com.myProject.HomePresenterTest$a$1.invokeSuspend(HomePresenterTest.kt:165)

However, there was exactly 1 interaction with this mock:

The problem is with how you create your GetProductsUseCase.

You're not creating it with the mocked version of your ProductsRepository, yet you're mocking the ProductsRepository calls.

Try to create the GetProductsUseCase manually and not using a @Mock

// no @Mock
lateinit var getProductsUseCase: GetProductsUseCase

fun setUp() {
    // ...
    // after your mocks are initialized...
    getProductsUseCase = GetProductsUseCase(productsRepository) //<- this uses mocked ProductsRepository
  • Thank you so much! It works. One extra question if is possible. When I return mutableMapOf(), how can I force error response? I tried to return a exception but function require mutableMap. Jul 6 '19 at 16:08
  • @ArisGuimerá I'm not sure if that's what you're askin for, but you can use thenThrow instead of thenReturn in the when(dataSource.getProductsFromApi()) statement Jul 6 '19 at 16:10

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