I have class A:

class A{
    String title;
    String content;
    IconData iconData;
    Function onTab;
    A({this.title, this.content, this.iconData, this.onTab});

How can i create class B that extends class A with additional variable like following:

class B extends A{
    bool read;

Tried with this but not working

let o = new B(
          title: "New notification",
          iconData: Icons.notifications,
          content: "Lorem ipsum doro si maet 100",
          read: false,
          onTab: (context) => {


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You have to define the constructor on the child class.

class B extends A {
  bool read;
  B({title, content, iconData, onTab, this.read}) : super(title: title, content: content, iconData: iconData, onTab: onTab);
  • Could I ask where to add some business logic (for example: handle title ) in class B?
    – Shi
    Commented Oct 20, 2021 at 21:41
  • Is it okay if you don't specify the datatype of {title, content, iconData, onTab, this.read} or will it already be inferred because it's passed to super()? I'm asking since there are some classes out there with some killer number of arguments.
    – enchance
    Commented Apr 27, 2023 at 2:40

Just to update for 2023, since Dart 2.17 we have Super Initializers - described in detail by Michael Thomsen here

You no longer need to make the explicit call to super.


class B extends A {
    bool read;
    B({super.title, super.content, super.iconData, super.onTab, this.read});

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