I want to consume a https based Rest API, the corresponding team has provided me a zip with certificates, which has two directory with following files

 1. desktop-cacerts.jks 
 2. root-ca-g2.crt 
 3. sub-ca-g2.crt
 1. desktop.crt 
 2. desktop.jks 
 3. root-ca-g2.crt 
 4. sub-ca-g2.crt

now I want to connect to the service via postman and try out, I tried to add both the jks and .crt files into Postman certificate, but I always get certificate error. my understanding is that, I should be using keystore desktop.jks (key file) and desktop.crt to connect, which didn't work; hence I tried other combination but nothing seems to work.

can anyone help me here?

* EDIT * July 11, 2019 *** it turns out the certificate provided had some slight differences, as compare to what the server/RestAPI was expecting, causing it to fail to connect.

Thanks for the help.


What is the exact error message you are getting? Does the certificate require a passphrase? Have you looked at the guide at the Learning Center?

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