I've just migrated my app from Dash.js 2.9.2 to 3.0.0.

Everything is fine with non-linear streams but when I open a live stream, it plays 2 hours behind from now.

I guess these 2 hours match the timeshift capability of my stream.

I tried to dig up into the code with Chrome DevTools and the first thing I noticed when comparing v2.9.2 and 3.0.0 is that after the stream has initialized, on the first PLAYBACK_TIME_UPDATED event, element.currentTime (in VideoModel) is indeed 2 hours behind.

Does v3.0.0 require something special when initializing a live stream?

I tried to seek to "now" but to no avail.

  • teambragi.bragi.com/t/… – John Jul 4 at 8:28
  • Thanks but I'm talking about the video player Dash.js: github.com/Dash-Industry-Forum/dash.js/wiki – Rodolphe Jul 4 at 12:43
  • sorry my bad. did maybe something with timezones change in version 3? i had a similar problem with a different framework. the issue was i didn't set the timezone correctly and then it just switched to UTC which, here i'm from, is 2 hours off – John Jul 4 at 12:55
  • here are multiple functions that make use of UTC. Since i have no experience with Dash.js i can't really help but maybe there's some connection with UTC/Locales/Time Zones – John Jul 4 at 13:06
  • My first thought was also about timezone since I'm in France, which is UTC+2 (at the moment). But I'm also playing live streams with a 2-hour timeshift buffer, so it could be either of them. Or something totally different, for that matter. But I'll give a look at the timezone lead. Thanks! – Rodolphe Jul 4 at 13:25

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