I'm trying to intercept all requests from NGSW service worker to check if all my files are cached (and display a message to user to say that app is ready).

I based my work on that post : https://stackoverflow.com/a/56067366/1381820

Process in details :

  1. Create two js files in the src folder (e.g. "sw-master.js" and "sw-custom.js").

  2. "sw-master.js" contains :

  1. Register the two new assets in the "angular.json" file of the project:
"assets": [
  1. Register the master script instead of "ngsw-worker.js" in the "app.module.ts":

My sw-custom.js looks like that :

console.log('Hello from sw-custom.js');

self.addEventListener('fetch', event => {
    console.log("[SW] HTTP call intercepted - " + event.request.url);
    return event.respondWith(fetch(event.request.url));

First main point : fetch event only seems usable once. To get logs, it's necessary to reverse the order of script imports in sw-master.js file.

My problem : Console logs does not return all assets when http server logs return all :

Logs return by fetch event (sample showing only one svg) :

enter image description here

Logs returned by http server (sample, showing lot of svgs) :

enter image description here

Is there a good way to enhance NGSW fetch event ? and how can i be sure that all asssets are fetch in my sw-custom ?

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