when I try to link my gatsby project with my self -created Contentful space, it shows this issue all the time

But when I try to link my gatsby to a contentful spaces with I created with their templates or examples, it runs fine

But for self created spaces, it shows this error....

Any solutions?


There was an error in your GraphQL query:

Unknown type "ContentfulSizes". Did you mean "ContentfulSecondTry", "ContentfulContentType", or "ContentfulSecondTryEdge"?

File: node_modules\gatsby-source-contentful\src\fragments.js:4:46

  • Do you have a type called ContentfulSizes? – ksav Jul 4 at 17:37

Go into your Contentful space, click on Media, and add a dummy image just as a placeholder.

For more details read this: https://github.com/gatsbyjs/gatsby/issues/15344#issuecomment-508242874

  • This should only fix the problem if the thing undefined was a single field. And in that case you can easily write a resolver without cluttering your contentfulspace with unneccessary images. – Pudora Oct 24 at 14:29

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