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I was wondering, what does exactly mean ! in the given expression :

bool myBool = AnyMethodThatReturnABoolean();
    // Do whatever you want

I now that I'm already using it when I expect myBool to be false, but is it more complex ?

Does ! mean "== false" or "!= true"?

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  • it means "not" (¬) .. – Selvin Jul 4 at 8:55
  • ! when used with boolean is not – Ramesh Jul 4 at 8:56
  • What would be the difference between == false and != true? – Corak Jul 4 at 8:56
  • Are you considering non-standard scenarios where a bool is returned that isn't internally 0 or 1 but some other number? – harold Jul 4 at 8:58
  • 3
    Consider reading the documentation or searching on Google for at least 5 minutes before asking us to do the search for you – SO used to be good Jul 4 at 9:01

It's the logical negation operator.

The ! operator computes logical negation of its operand. That is, it produces true, if the operand evaluates to false, and false, if the operand evaluates to true.

In your example


is like writing:

if(myBool == false)

it's the same as:

if(mybool == false){ 

      //some code

Just a shorthand way of writing it.


It simply inverts the value of the bool expression.

True becomes False and False becomes true.

if block will run only if expression inside the parentheses is True.

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