I'm trying to read from a YAML properties file in my spring boot application. Here's the content from the file,

     VAL1: 08:00:00
     VAL2: 16:00:00

When I get the value from the YAML processor, The value is translated as 57600 for KEY1.KEY3.VAL2.

Only If I make the value as 09:00:00, Anything lesser than 10:00:00, It's working. KEY1.KEY2.VAL1 gives the proper value Since its lesser than 10:00:00.

Note: The values here correspond to a particular point in time in a day.

  • are you mapping those values to a String, int or Date? Or maybe something else. – Mensur Qulami Jul 4 at 15:40
  • I did a debugging, Seems like the value is mapped to an Integer. I do want this to be String. – daemon54 Jul 4 at 16:02
  • Did you try to put double quotes around the values? It should force the values to be mapped as strings – Mensur Qulami Jul 4 at 16:03
  • This worked. Thanks, @MensurQulami. Can you post this below, So I can mark it as the answer. – daemon54 Jul 4 at 16:06

Put double quotes around values so that they will be forced to be mapped as String. Like so:

     VAL1: "08:00:00"
     VAL2: "16:00:00"

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