I started to get following quota exceeded error

Error: HTTP Error: 429, Quota exceeded for quota group 'ReadGroup' and limit 'CLIENT_PROJECT-100s' of service 'cloudresourcemanager.googleapis.com' for consumer 'project_number:563584335***'.

when I tried to deploy functions using firebase-cli

firebase deploy --only functions --token $FIREBASE_TOKEN

I changed the value of FIREBASE_TOKEN thinking that it might have expired. deploy worked for one time after changing token but then again cli tools again started giving above error. Also, I checked quotas but couldn't find any value that exceed the quota limit. My project is on blaze plan (pay as you go).

Maybe I'm missing something? Could anyone help me out on when exactly this error comes and how to fix it?


This is a known problem being addressed by the Firebase team.

In the future, when you have a problem deploying with the Firebase CLI, you should file a bug report with Firebase support so they can collect information.

  • Thanks Doug for the quick reply – Jainam Jhaveri Jul 4 at 15:58
  • Is there a current support ticket that can be tracked? – jpunk11 Jul 4 at 18:14
  • @jpunk11 No, you should contact Firebase support directly. – Doug Stevenson Jul 5 at 0:57

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