So far I have followed the instructions documented for Flink's kinesis connector to use a local Kinesis.

Using Non-AWS Kinesis Endpoints for Testing

Properties producerConfig = new Properties();
producerConfig.put(AWSConfigConstants.AWS_REGION, "us-east-1");
producerConfig.put(AWSConfigConstants.AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID, "aws_access_key_id");
producerConfig.put(AWSConfigConstants.AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY, "aws_secret_access_key");
producerConfig.put(AWSConfigConstants.AWS_ENDPOINT, "http://localhost:4567");

With a Flink producer, these instructions work with a local kinesis (I use Kinesalite).

However, with a Flink consumer, I get an exception that aws.region and aws.endpoint are not both allowed. But region is required, which means its not possible to override the endpoint.

org.apache.flink.client.program.ProgramInvocationException: The main method caused an error: For FlinkKinesisConsumer either AWS region ('aws.region') or AWS endpoint ('aws.endpoint') must be set in the config.

Is this a bug in the connector? I see a related PR: https://github.com/apache/flink/pull/6045 .

I found a workaround on Flink's mailing list, but they describe this as an issue for the producer and not the consumer, whereas i see the opposite (i think), so not sure about this. It's really confusing.

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