My app name is too long… so it get truncated in the home screen of my Android phone.

I tried using \n in the app_name but it's not working…

<string name="app_name">AudioGasm\nRadio</string>

The output should be 2 lines




There is no requirement for a launcher to show your label on multiple lines. Some, such as Google's Pixel Launcher, will prevent it, to have a uniform look across apps.

So, \n works for adding a newline to a string resource. That newline will be honored by things like TextView — you can see this in your own app by using app_name as the text for some TextView in your layout.

Whether the launcher will replace that \n with a simple space is up to the home screen, not you. Similarly, the stock action bar will replace that \n with a space. However, there are some launchers that support multiple-line labels. That is up to the launcher developer.

For example, I created a scrap project with this:

  <string name="app_name">My\nApp</string>

In the Pixel Launcher, that shows up with one line. With Nova Launcher set to single-line mode, that shows up with one line. With Nova Launcher's single-line mode disabled, that shows up with two lines, split at the \n, even though it is short enough to fit on one line.

So, keep your \n, but just realize that it may or may not split across lines, depending on launcher.

  • Ok the reason I ask this is because my app_name in Homescreen gets truncated. To avoid getting your app_name truncated in home screen. just explicitly add the "homescreen name" in the activity tag on AndroidManifest.xml <activity android:label="AudioGasm"> <—- home screen shorten title -—> While in strings.xml, your main title will stay as is… <string name="app_name">AudioGasm Radio</string> <—- the exact title inside the app -—> Jul 5 '19 at 1:10

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