I am looking for code to extract only the titles from every power point slides. Is there any python function available. Any help is appreciated.


Not by Computer vision (this would be more complicated)

But using some libraries it is possible:

from pptx import Presentation

filename = "test.pptx" #your ppt filename

prs = Presentation(filename)

for slide in prs.slides:
    title = slide.shapes.title.text

Source: How to read PPT titles

Don't forget to install the library:

pip install python-pptx
  • it's showing this error: title = slide.shapes.title.text AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'text' – Ankit Kumar Jul 5 at 5:10
  • File was not found probably, you have to save ppt in the same directory of python file – eggrobot78 Jul 5 at 5:50
  • file is found. i am printing the prs and the object is available there. – Ankit Kumar Jul 5 at 6:31
  • <pptx.presentation.Presentation object at 0x7fe0409cd168> – Ankit Kumar Jul 5 at 6:34
  • 2
    Not all slides have a title placeholder. In this case, slide.shapes.title returns None. You need a guard in there like perhaps if slide.shapes.title is None: continue. – scanny Jul 5 at 18:38

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