i'm try using an On item click listener in a Recycler view, but when i click on items nothing happens even if i have no error while compiling, so i puted Break points and it shows me that the listener is always null even if he's initialized in the Adapter constructor. I'm following this tutorial https://antonioleiva.com/recyclerview-listener/

1.In the adapter :

`public class MyAdapter extends RecyclerView.Adapter {

private List<Device> devices;
private OnItemClickListener listener;

public MyAdapter(List<Device> devices, OnItemClickListener listener) {
    this.devices = devices;
    this.listener = listener;


public interface OnItemClickListener {
    void onItemClick(Device device);

2.in the view Holder :

`void display(Device device, MyAdapter.OnItemClickListener listener) { //method Bind

    itemView.setOnClickListener( v ->
            listener.onItemClick( device ) );


3.In the Main Activity :

RecyclerView.setAdapter( new MyAdapter( devices, item -> Toast.makeText( getContext(), "Item Clicked", Toast.LENGTH_LONG ).show() ) );

When i click on items i must have a toast

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