I am trying to add parameters in URL which will be shared on Whatsapp, like www.abc.com/{parameter}/{parameter}.

I have tried adding control parameters in link properties with "$deeplink_path" key, but nothing is happening.

 LinkProperties lp = new LinkProperties()
                .setCampaign("content 123 launch")
                .setStage("new user")

My link is still coming like the same: www.abc.com and not appending "user-123" with it.


The parameter $deeplink_path is actually used as a deep link parameter. It is not used to create links with a specific alias.

To create a link with a certain alias, you'll need to add '.setAlias("user-123")' which should create a link ex. www.abc.com/user-123.

If you have additional questions please write into support@branch.io and we would be glad to assist you.

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