Hy I am testing coinbase api, api implementation is working fine but facing problem on receive notification,

I have genareted btc address, I set a url on coinbase api settings to receive notification (mydomain.com/webhooks.php) And inside webhooks.php files I just created a send mail function so that when coinbase attempt send notification I will receive an email and this succesfully worked. But I dont understand how to catch data exactly. On their documention they haven't described details .

If anyone write a example code so that notificatio data can save into a variable that will be best help for me. I used coinbase official phl Library that is here

https://github.com/coinbase/coinbase-php/blob/master/README.md )

Thank you

  • If you have an endpoint, you can just use the request GET or POST variables to see the request data. – shn Jul 10 at 21:34

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