When creating a DataFrame with two columns with same column name, using .iat[i,j] will result in TypeError. Switching to .iloc[i,j] will solve the problem however. Why would iat behave differently compared to iloc under such situation?

python version: 3.6.1 pandas version: 0.20.1

import pandas as pd
x = pd.DataFrame([[1,2,3],[4,5,6]],columns=['a','b','a'])
x.iloc[1,1] # works fine
x.iat[1,1]  # TypeError

TypeError: len() of unsized object


It seems that when the column names are not unique, which is your case you run into this function that acts as an indexer :

def _iget_item_cache(self, item):
    """Return the cached item, item represents a positional indexer."""
    ax = self._info_axis
    if ax.is_unique:
        lower = self._get_item_cache(ax[item])
        lower = self._take(item, axis=self._info_axis_number,
    return lower

since ax.is_uniqueis False a call is made to self._take, problem is this function calls maybe_convert_indiceswhich expects an array but only gets an int and the program crashes because mask = indices < 0 is a bool and does not have .any() method

Two solutions:
The good:
Avoid same named columns, your program runs fine with x = pd.DataFrame([[1,2,3],[4,5,6]],columns=['a','b','c'])

The ugly: Modify pands source and change lower = self._take(item, axis=self._info_axis_number, convert=True) with lower = self._take([item], axis=self._info_axis_number, convert=True)

PS: Same problem will arise if you use x.at[1,'b'] with columns have same name.

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