I am trying to figure out how to calculate the zoom in order to preserve the viewable map area when changing the dimensions (maintaining the same height/width ratio).

So for example I have a map with the dimensions:

1000px x 1200px, zoom: 11.5

Now I want to show that same map but with different dimensions (same ratio):

4000px x 4800px

If I view the map with zoom 11.5 I will get a much bigger area. I want to see the same area, so I need a higher zoom.

I found this formula: enter image description here

From which I came up with this, which should work according to my very limited maths skills, but it doesn't: enter image description here

Any hints would be highly appreciated. Thank you


With dimensions held constant, every successive zoom level halves the distance covered in both height and width. If our dimensions quadruple (4x) on each axis, we need to increase the zoom level such that each axis is a quarter (1/4x) of the distance, to preserve the same area covered.

(1/2)^x = 1/4

x = 2

11.5 + 2 = 13.5
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  • thank you, your formula is much easier to understand. – Max Jul 7 '19 at 6:17

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