I am writing a unit test and I need to be able to mock a kendo grid object.

I have written the following unit test using the jasmine framework:

describe("Asset Configuration Grid", () => {

        var ctrl: AssetConfigurationGridController;
        var $http: ng.IHttpService;
        var $state: ng.ui.IStateService;
        var $jsonBlobService: JsonBlobsService;

        var ctrl: AssetConfigurationGridController;

        beforeEach(() => {
            ctrl = new AssetConfigurationGridController($http, $state, $jsonBlobService);


        describe("Test search for active components", () => {
            it("Should show only the active components only", () => {
                let gridOptions = ctrl.savedAssetOptions(true);
                ctrl.searchQuery = 'someString';

Here is the sample html of my kendo grid:

                <md-tab-title ng-click="$ctrl.setActiveTab('active')">
                    <div kendo-grid="$ctrl.activeAssetsGrid" k-options="$ctrl.savedAssetOptions(true)">

Based on the code above, I would like to write a unit test to mock the following object:

<div kendo-grid="$ctrl.activeAssetsGrid" k-options="$ctrl.savedAssetOptions(true)">

Here is my controller code:

    export class AssetConfigurationGridController {
        private _searchQuery: string;
        private activeAssetsGrid: kendo.ui.Grid;
        private inactiveAssetsGrid: kendo.ui.Grid;
        private incompleteAssetsGrid: kendo.ui.Grid;
        private activeTab: string = 'active';

        static $inject = ['$http', '$state', 'jsonBlobsService'];

        constructor(private http: ng.IHttpService, private state: ng.ui.IStateService, private jsonBlobsService: JsonBlobsService) {

        get searchQuery(): string {
            return this._searchQuery;

        set searchQuery(value: string) {
            this._searchQuery = value;

            if (this.activeTab === 'active') {
                if (this.activeAssetsGrid) {
            } else if (this.activeTab === 'inactive') {
                if (this.inactiveAssetsGrid) {
            } else if (this.activeTab === 'incomplete') {
                if (this.incompleteAssetsGrid) {

        setActiveTab(value: string) {
            this.activeTab = value;
            this.searchQuery = "";

        private baseGridOptions: kendo.ui.GridOptions = {
            pageable: true,
            sortable: true,
            groupable: false,
            selectable: false,
            dataSource: {


        savedAssetOptions(active: boolean): kendo.ui.GridOptions {
            //Some code here

        get incompleteResourceOptions(): kendo.ui.GridOptions {
            //Some code here

        edit(id: number) {

        draft(id: number) {

Expected result would be to mimic the kendo grid object.

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