I want to iterate over a Set and if some condition meet I want to add elements to it. While I am doing this, I am getting "ConcurrentModificationException". When I looked for the answer, I found that in case of listIterator we have add() and remove() method but I can't use list as I also have to take care of duplicates.

Please suggest a way to achieve this.


int[] A = {1,2,3,4,5,10,6,7,9};
Set<Integer> s = new HashSet<>();
Iterator i = s.iterator();
      int temp = i.next();
      int x = next element of array A;

But it is throwing ConcurrentModificationException.

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    Help us help you - please share a sample set, and the result you're trying to get for it. – Mureinik Jul 6 at 14:02
  • Add the created objects to another collection, and when the loop is done, add all the elements of the new collection to the set? – JB Nizet Jul 6 at 14:03
  • I am adding elements multiple times, so can't create new object every time. – Karan Kanwal Jul 6 at 14:13
  • A HashSet has no ordering. So even if this was allowed, you couldn't be sure it the iterator would return the element you just added or not. Use a List, and before adding a new element to the list, check if it is already present in a set. If not, add the element to the list and to the set. Unless of course the array is so short anyway that using a set is overkill, and that you can check if the list already contains the element. – JB Nizet Jul 6 at 14:19
  • But checking every time whether the element is already present or not in the list will take extra time. – Karan Kanwal Jul 6 at 14:21

How to iterate over Set and add elements to it in java?

It cannot be done. Certainly, not with a HashSet or TreeSet. You will probably need to find an alternative way of coding your algorithm that doesn't rely on doing that.

The normal solution is to create a temporary list, add elements to that list, then when you have finished iterating use addAll to add the list elements to the set. But that won't work here because you appear to want your iterator to see the new elements that you have added.

A second approach would be use a ConcurrentHashMap and Collections::newSetFromMap instead of a HashSet. Iterating a concurrent collection won't give a ConcurrentModificationException. However, the flipside is that there are no guarantees that the iterator will see all of the elements that were added during the iteration. So this probably wouldn't work (reliably) for your example.

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