I've started looking on the subject of Acoustic Fingerprint (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acoustic_fingerprint) for a pet project of mine for the iOS and I was wondering if there are:

  1. Any opensource libraries or source code for the iOS that handle this?
  2. Assuming I'm a veteran jack of all trades coder, is it very problematic to implement this myself if there is no open-source versions?
  3. Will the Accelerate DSP library in iOS able to handle such a task?


  1. Not of my knowledge
  2. No problem for a veteran, that won't be easy, but achievable.
  3. Never looked into.

Even in java, this might be an interesting reading.

Before doing anything, especially if you intend to sell on AppStore, take care that these techniques/algorithms are patented. Read what happened to the above blog post writer.


you may want to check out the EchoPrint CodeGen library by The Echo Nest. They even have a fully functional iOS code example.

You can find some additional links to open source audio fingerprinting related software in this MusicBrainz article, but AFAIK the EchoPrint library is the only one that has a license that is compatible with iOS apps.

Good Luck!

  • EchoPrint has two big issues 1) It is just for comparing the same inputs i.e. it is almost impossible to match a clear recoding from a CD with a sample recorded with a phone from TV/radio with background noises. 2) It works reliably only for very long samples (~30 seconds). ...We tried to adapt the EchoPrint's CodeGen for shorter samples and noisy samples, but it was huge hit-and-miss (i.e. random) and good just for amusement of our audience :) – shelll Jul 21 '16 at 11:47

Will the Accelerate DSP library in iOS able to handle such a task? NO

I also notice that you put the tag "voice recognition". Just to make sure voice recognition as nothing to do with audio identification/acoustic fingerprinting !!

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