Currently I'm trying to create something to display a "2D view" for a Grid which can be used for various proporses, such as a simple 2D game.

After doing a wrap work with a simple Core class (this holds all information to my visual stuff, including pixels values for sprites) I started the visual work. As my aim is to do this with plain swing/awt in Java I just created a custom JComponent to this.

In my JComponent I tried some approaches and decided to test draw my pixels info in a BufferedImage and at other hand draw the pixels directly in Graphics object.

Looking through internet I found some ways to draw a pixel/dot on screen, like this. In this case, I wrapped this in a method:

    private void drawSpritePixels(ArrayList<Spr.Pixel> pixels, int startX, int startY, Graphics2D g) {
        for (Spr.Pixel p : pixels){
            g.fillRect(p.x + startX, p.y + startY, 1, 1);

For drawing my data onto a BufferedImage, I'm using this:

    public BufferedImage spriteImage(int spriteAddress) {
        BufferedImage img = GraphicsEnvironment
                .createCompatibleImage(32, 32, Transparency.TRANSLUCENT);
        for (Pixel p : getSpriteInfo(spriteAddresses.get(spriteAddress))) {
            img.setRGB(p.x, p.y, p.color.getRGB());

        return img;

As title says, the performance was better using BufferedImage approach. Im my tests BufferedImage takes 40ms to finish while Pixels takes 200ms+ to the same amount of "work".

Then, why this is so different? Should do I avoid any iterations in pixels approach?

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    BufferedImage is a piece of memory, and writing to memory is fast. Setting a pixel directly is writing to the screen, and is slower. I suspect that writing a whole block of pixels, as when displaying a BufferedImage will be faster than writing those pixels individually. It is an obvious way to speed up screen processing. – rossum Jul 7 '19 at 14:59
  • Then we can say that the difference is that BufferedImage acts as just 1 operation while the pixels approachs acts as many operations (one for each pixel drawn)? – Lucas Sousa Jul 7 '19 at 15:05
  • Probably something like that. It may be as simple as retrieving a subroutine from slow memory once rather than multiple times. – rossum Jul 7 '19 at 16:10

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