I have a code for reading a certain unique id passed in form of an object in queue. While consuming through queue, I want that unique id to get passed in each and every log. How to read that attribute?

public class EcafUnitOfWork extends MDCUnitOfWork {

public static final String CAF_NUMBER = "cafNumber";

public EcafUnitOfWork(Exchange exchange) {
    Endpoint endPoint = exchange.getFromEndpoint();
    String routeId=exchange.getFromRouteId();
    try {
        if (null != endPoint && (endPoint instanceof DirectEndpoint || endPoint instanceof ServletEndpoint
                || endPoint instanceof JettyHttpEndpoint9)) {
            DigitalSign digitalSign = exchange.getIn().getBody(DigitalSign.class);
            log.debug("received PDF Request {}",digitalSign);
            if (null != pdfDigitalSign) {
                MDC.put(UNIQUE_ID, digitalSign.getUniqueId());
    } catch (Exception e) {
        log.error("Error While Parsing Request {}", e);

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