I need to return multiple values from a function, therefore I have added them to an array and returned the array.


function data(){

$a = "abc";
$b = "def";
$c = "ghi";

return array($a, $b, $c);


How can I receive the values of $a, $b, $c by calling the above function?

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You can add array keys to your return values and then use these keys to print the array values, as shown here:

function data() {
    $out['a'] = "abc";
    $out['b'] = "def";
    $out['c'] = "ghi";
    return $out;

$data = data();
echo $data['a'];
echo $data['b'];
echo $data['c'];

you can do this:

list($a, $b, $c) = data();

print "$a $b $c"; // "abc def ghi"
function give_array(){

    $a = "abc";
    $b = "def";
    $c = "ghi";

    return compact('a','b','c');

$my_array = give_array();


The data function is returning an array, so you can access the result of the function in the same way as you would normally access elements of an array:

$result = data();

$a = $result[0];
$b = $result[1];
$c = $result[2];

Or you could use the list() function, as @fredrik recommends, to do the same thing in a line.

$array  = data();


From PHP 5.4 you can take advantage of array dereferencing and do something like this:


function data()
    $retr_arr["a"] = "abc";
    $retr_arr["b"] = "def";
    $retr_arr["c"] = "ghi";

    return $retr_arr;

$a = data()["a"];    //$a = "abc"
$b = data()["b"];    //$b = "def"
$c = data()["c"];    //$c = "ghi"
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    Caution: you may not want to evaluate the function 3 times ! – Rick James Jan 10 '17 at 18:23
function demo($val,$val1){
    return $arr=array("value"=>$val,"value1"=>$val1);

echo $arr_rec["value"];
echo $arr_rec["value1"];

here is the best way in a similar function

 function cart_stats($cart_id){

$sql = "select sum(price) sum_bids, count(*) total_bids from carts_bids where cart_id = '$cart_id'";
$rs = mysql_query($sql);
$row = mysql_fetch_object($rs);
$total_bids = $row->total_bids;
$sum_bids = $row->sum_bids;
$avarage = $sum_bids/$total_bids;

 $array["total_bids"] = "$total_bids";
 $array["avarage"] = " $avarage";

 return $array;

and you get the array data like this

$data = cart_stats($_GET['id']); 

This is what I did inside the yii framewok:

public function servicesQuery($section){
        $data = Yii::app()->db->createCommand()
        return $data;

then inside my view file:

      <?php $consultation = $this->servicesQuery("consultation"); ?> ?>
      <?php foreach($consultation as $consul): ?>
             <span class="text-1"><?php echo $consul['content']; ?></span>
       <?php endforeach;?>

What I am doing grabbing a cretin part of the table i have selected. should work for just php minus the "Yii" way for the db

The underlying problem revolves around accessing the data within the array, as Felix Kling points out in the first response.

In the following code, I've accessed the values of the array with the print and echo constructs.

function data()

    $a = "abc";
    $b = "def";
    $c = "ghi";

    $array = array($a, $b, $c);

    print_r($array);//outputs the key/value pair

    echo "<br>";

    echo $array[0].$array[1].$array[2];//outputs a concatenation of the values



I think the best way to do it is to create a global var array. Then do whatever you want to it inside the function data by passing it as a reference. No need to return anything too.

$array = array("white", "black", "yellow");
echo $array[0]; //this echo white

function data(&$passArray){ //<<notice &
    $passArray[0] = "orange"; 
echo $array[0]; //this now echo orange

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