With Paper.js, I've imported an SVG using:

var kanji = project.importSVG(url, {
  expandShapes: true,
  onLoad: function(item) {
    console.log("imported SVG!");

  onError: console.log("something went wrong importing")

This successfully adds the svg to my canvas. However, I want to manipulate the SVG's path. When the code reaches the onLoad scope I get confused. Here I get the svg that I named item , which is a big and complex object:

initialize {_children: Array(3), _namedChildren: {…}, _matrix: t, _id: 1, _index: 0, …}

With the content of the children array having even more children an lots of other options. I want to access/copy/manipulate the nodes of the path, but I can't even find the path in the object. How can I do this? Seems easier to just get the path from the svg file itself. Or am I missing something here?



When you import SVG into Paper.js, a wrapper group is created representing the root <svg> tag.
You can navigate the Paper.js items tree like you would do with a common DOM tree using items children (for groups only) and parent properties.

Here is a sketch demonstrating the solution.

// This represents the source svg.
const svg = '' +
    '<svg xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" x="0px" y="0px" width="267px" height="277px" viewBox="0 0 267 277">' +
    '    <g>' +
    '        <polygon fill="#FFED00" points="180,183 26,183 26,29 181,28 "/>' +
    '        <path fill="#009FE3" d="M243,183c0-34.794-28.206-64-63-64s-63,29.206-63,64s28.206,63,63,63S243,217.794,243,183z"/>' +
    '    </g>' +

// We import the svg.
// What we get in return is a wrapper group corresponding to the `<svg>` tag.
const svgGroup = project.importSVG(svg);
// Then we can get our group (`<g>` tag) by accessing the last child of the svg group (the first child is a clip mask corresponding to the `<svg>` `viewBox` attribute).
const group = svgGroup.lastChild;
// Then we can get our path...
const path = group.lastChild;
// ...and do what we want with it.
path.firstSegment.point += 20;
  • that's a good example! However my group.lastChild returns null . Does that mean that the file isn't loaded into canvas yet or something? Jul 8 '19 at 9:11
  • Interestingly enough your code works differently in my script. I can only replicate it with var path = svgGroup._children[1].lastChild; path.firstSegment.point += 20; For my SVG it's a bit of an awkward code to turn it into a path and change its segments but at least it works: var myPath = new Path( item.children[1].lastChild.children[1].children[1].children[1]._segments ); I'll mark this question answered, and will figure out why my case is different elsewhere. Thanks! Jul 8 '19 at 10:36

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