I can not decompile AndroidManifest.xml in aab file

I unzip aab file, and want to decompile AndroidManifest.xml in unzip files, use this command:

java -jar /my/tools/path/AXMLPrinter2.jar AndroidManifest.xml 

I get this error:

```java.io.IOException: Expected chunk of type 0x80003, read 0x4c7b00a.
at android.content.res.ChunkUtil.readCheckType(ChunkUtil.java:29)
at android.content.res.AXmlResourceParser.doNext(AXmlResourceParser.java:765)
at android.content.res.AXmlResourceParser.next(AXmlResourceParser.java:72)
at test.AXMLPrinter.main(AXMLPrinter.java:43)```

I find file type is Android binary XML in old apk of AndroidManifest.xml , but in aab is data


Try this given decompiler BundleDecompiler

de-compile option:

    java -jar BundleDecompiler.jar decompile  --in=input_app.aab   --out=output_dir
  • better be aware that BundleDecompiler will delete all your file on output folder! lost all of my files cause of this May 29 '20 at 3:28

I have tried to decompile an AAB (several times) without success.

java -jar BundleDecompiler.jar decompile --in=test.aab --out=D:\decompiled

The only thing that is generated is this .jar file in a temporary folder:

enter image description here


Decompiling the AndroidManifest.xml can be done with the official google bundletool

bundletool dump manifest --bundle bundle.aab If it prints it on stdout you can do this: bundletool dump manifest --bundle bundle.aab > AndroidManifest.xml



As I said, I tried that several times without success. And I had to install wget first (on my PC, win7 prof).

And yes, it is true, the content of target directory will be completely deleted, but unfortunately there is no decompiled version of the AAB in it.

But someone told me that he got these file / folders:

enter image description here https://community.appinventor.mit.edu/t/app-size-problems-after-aabs-become-mandatory-from-aug-2021/36591/28?u=anke

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