I am developing a plugin for this big (and not very well documented) framework. I need to bind a Javascript function to an event. The problem is, this event is fired multiple times at nearly the same time (I have no control over that) and I need the function to be run only once, especially since there are some Ajax calls included in it.

I am not extremely familiar with Javascript, so this question might come as pretty stupid, but is there a way to somehow "buffer" the events for a short amount of time and when there are no more incoming, run the function?

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    What you might be looking for is something called debounce or throttle, there are plenty of these implementation on npm, or if your say using something like lodash this comes with one too.
    – Keith
    Jul 8 '19 at 12:06

This is usually called debouncing. Here is a good article regarding throttling and debouncing.

The Debounce technique allow us to "group" multiple sequential calls in a single one.

There are multiple implementations listed in the article, but an example implementation could be (this version will call the event at the end of your multiple calls, once they have stopped firing for the specified amount of time):

function debounce(callback, duration) {
    let timer = null;
    let args = [];
    let thisVal = null;
    function trigger() { callback.apply(thisVal, args); }
    function onEvent() {
        thisVal = this;
        args = [].slice.call(arguments);
        timer = setTimeout(trigger, duration);
    return onEvent;

Then you could call it using the following code for example:

function myEventListener(data) {
    // do your thing
window.addEventListener('my-event', debounce(myEventListener, 100));

which would prevent to call your event listener again until it stops being triggered for at least 100ms.

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