How to select multiple rows with 2 condition in the same column MySQL

students' table:

id  name
1   Jhon
2   Anne
3   Charles
4   Bob

lesson_contract's table:

id  lesson_code student_id
1   L1          1
2   L2          1
3   L1          2
4   L1          3
5   L2          3
6   L2          4

So i want to get student that take both lesson_code L1 and L2. So the result should be Jhon and Charles

  • Have you attempted anything to satisfy this requirement? If so please show us – RiggsFolly Jul 8 at 12:33

You could do this by joining into the lesson_contract table twice, once for each lesson code:

SELECT s.id, s.name FROM students s
INNER JOIN lesson_contract l1
    ON s.id = l1.student_id AND l1.lesson_code = 'L1'
INNER JOIN lesson_contract l2
    ON s.id = l2.student_id AND l2.lesson_code = 'L2'

Inner joins will filter the results, so you'll only get rows where both join conditions were met.


You must join the tables, group by name and put the condition in the having clause:

select s.name
from student s inner join lesson_contract l
on l.student_id = s.id
where l.lesson_code in ('L1', 'L2')
group by s.name
having count(distinct l.lesson_code) = 2

You may remove distinct if there is no case for a student to take the same lesson twice.
See the demo.

| name    |
| ------- |
| Charles |
| John    |

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