I want to add knockout.js bindings to asp.net server generated (Checkbox) html elements. MyPage.aspx

    <asp:CheckBox ID="CheckBoxFoo" runat="server" />

I have tried modifying MyPage.aspx as follows, i expect asp.net to render checkboxes with knockout databindings to track the checked boxes:

    <asp:CheckBox data-bind="checked" ID="CheckBoxFoo" runat="server" />

But the result generated by asp.net on page load, is a wrapping span with the data binding:

<span data-bind="checked">
    <input id="CheckBoxFoo" type="checkbox" name="SuperLongNameString">

My question is, can i add the binding in MyPage.aspx. Or do I have to add it programmaticly in my code behind file? If so, how could this be done? Help very much appreciated!

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