I have class library in my solution with my database models and DbContext. I want to add migrations in this layer but get error.

I use this command: dotnet ef migrations add InitialCreate

but after running have this error

No DbContext was found in assembly 'DRM.Repo'. Ensure that you're using the correct assembly and that the type is neither abstract nor generic.

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    Is DRM.Repo the correct project? Is that the class library where you defined your DbContext? – Babak Naffas Jul 8 at 16:52
  • Is the DbContext in the same project? And is it complete? Do you have a reference to the database in it? – Jonny Jul 8 at 16:54
  • yes it was same project thank you for soon reply i have found resolved way i wrote on command this "add-migration initial -verbose" and it works... – Nino Makharadze Jul 8 at 17:02

Resolved way: 1)open Tools >> Nuget Package Manager >> package manager console 2)ensure that default project in dropdown is where you want to create your migrations and run this code "add-migration initial -verbose"

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