I want to know how to connect my web application to the oracle database which is written with HTML/CSS and AngularJS.

This is my first web application and I honestly have no idea what I have to do to connect to the oracle database. I've read some material online and it still doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.

  • Did you find it? If so, please write the solution. Jan 22 '20 at 10:57

The Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) product is included with your Oracle Database, and allows you to publish REST APIs for your database.

It's a java servlet that can run as a standalone application or be plugged into Tomcat.

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You can have a GET handler with some SQL or PL/SQL ran on the backend, and ORDS will send down the response/query results as JSON down to your Angular app.

You can download ORDS from here.

I have a quick video demo here


A possible solution is to create a restful API on the Backend side. Then in the Frontend AngularJS app, you could use $resource (https://docs.angularjs.org/api/ngResource/service/$resource) to interact with the REST api. There are some examples on the documentation. There are a lot of tutorials out there on how to use $resource.

Another solution is to use $http which work with any type of Backend apis


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