I have some C code that transforms some data into a different format. My goal is that the R user inputs the file path, and then runs the executable (which came from the C code). I have been having some issues with this however. It seems to not be reading the file path properly. Translator accepts one argument: the file path as the form seen below.

My code: system("Translator C:\\Users\\user\\Documents\\data.csv")

Running this prints the error in my C code File not read. I ran the executable directly and it worked just fine, so it is not a problem with my C code, but how I am calling it in R.

I have tried several different variations of the above code, such as

system2("Translator", args = "C:\\Users\\user\\Documents\\data.csv")

system(paste("Translator C:\\Users\\user\\Documents\\data.csv, collapse = " "))

However, these have not yielded any success. I believe the issue is stemming from the fact that R is not reading the path the way I want it to due to the \\. R reads directories as / I believe. However, fopen in C interprets the directory using \. Is there a way use \ in R, or is this an issue that should be solved in C?

Thank you.


Give this format a shot: Basically capture.output should push the cat result of the normalizePath function in a 'native' WINdows path format to the system2 command:

system2( command = "Translator", args = capture.output( cat(normalizePath(pathToFile)) ) )

in this case pathToFile can be kept in 'regular' R path format ie: "C:/Users/user/Documents/data.csv" should be possible to keep.

  • PS: I am not 100% sure if I used to enclose capture.ouput(…) in paste0 on top of it all ie paste0(capture.output(cat(normaliePath( …)))) - just test what works best for you; usually I would perform all these actions on a string variable containing the parameters to args = – GWD Jul 8 at 19:43

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