I'm following the SAP tutorial Create an application using SAP HANA and the Cloud Application Programming model. Steps 1-4 have been successfully completed - I even get the output "1:44:30 PM (HDB) Build of /APP/db completed successfully." at the end of step 4.

When I right click on the db folder and chose Open HDI Container the below error occurs.

enter image description here

The applications running in my space I are below.

enter image description here

Info about my space.

enter image description here

Below are the service instances in my dev space.

enter image description here

Am I:

  1. Doing something wrong,
  2. Missing some prerequisite, or
  3. Does this not work in the trial account?

Thanks, Mike


Assuming your hdi container is indeed there (go into service instances, not applications), it may be because of the region. Change the region of your trial to Europe Frankfurt: https://blogs.sap.com/2019/04/16/how-to-change-the-region-in-your-cloud-foundry-trial/



  • I added some additional details. My space is currently in region US East (VA). Does this mean I need to create a new space in Frankfurt? – Michael Freake Jul 10 at 3:15
  • Looks like neither of the Europe Cloud Foundry regions (Frankfurt & Netherlands) has HDI container available in the service marketplace. Are you referring to a Neo region? – Michael Freake Jul 12 at 21:32

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