Debian10 upgraded to libcurl4 and as a result, the installation of mongo server fails. Is it possible to run mongod with libcurl4?

On executing the mongod binary I get /usr/bin/mongod: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libcurl.so.4: version `CURL_OPENSSL_3' not found (required by /usr/bin/mongod).

On trying to install libcurl3 I get the message that libcurl4 replaces it.

  • So far, this is the most promising solution I found, but I am not really comfortable with adding a PPA for this: askubuntu.com/questions/1061431/… – ndvo Jul 8 '19 at 20:55
  • It may be possible to simply use the deb file built for ubuntu instead of the one built for Debian. – ndvo Jul 8 '19 at 21:26
  • Nope. Same issue. – ndvo Jul 8 '19 at 21:34
  • This solved my issue on Ubuntu 18.04 (Debian-based too). askubuntu.com/a/1110328 – timotom Jul 12 '19 at 10:36

For now, simply use the version built for Ubuntu 18.4.

Here is the link: https://www.mongodb.com/dr/repo.mongodb.org/apt/ubuntu/dists/bionic/mongodb-org/4.0/multiverse/binary-amd64/mongodb-org-server_4.0.10_amd64.deb/download

Ubuntu is based on Debian Testing, so there shouldn't be issues regarding using that version. Mongo will probably update their Debian version soon. Then you may install the Debian10

  • Simply replace "server" to "shell" to download MongoDB Shell :) – peschanko Sep 9 '19 at 11:18

Another way to solve libraries dependencies issues is to use a docker container.

For example in that case, once docker-ce installed, you could run something like this :

docker run -d --name mongo-4.0.9  -p  --restart unless-stopped -v /var/lib/mongodb:/data/db mongo:4.0.9 

In that way, you do not depend on your system dependencies.

Hope this helps.

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