From the documentation:

addSource (LiveData source, Observer onChanged)

Starts to listen the given source LiveData, onChanged observer will be called when source value was changed.

onChanged callback will be called only when this MediatorLiveData is active.

If the given LiveData is already added as a source but with a different Observer, IllegalArgumentException will be thrown.

From the source code, it says that the addSource function is always executed on the main thread.

public <S> void addSource(@NonNull LiveData<S> source, @NonNull Observer<? super S> onChanged) ...

Does this mean that the callback provided to the addSource method also runs on the main thread?

I would like to understand this because I want to do a setValue inside the callback and setValue needs to be run on the main thread.

I want do something like:

viewState.addSource(someLiveData) { networkResourceResult ->
    viewState.value = currentViewState().copy(showLoadingSpinner = networkResource.status)

So will this be a safe thing to do?

  • From my experience it is executed on main thread.
    – Pawel
    Jul 8, 2019 at 21:52
  • Looking at the source code it seems Observer's onChanged is called from the Main thread only. Hence it is safe to call setValue Jul 15, 2019 at 19:26

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You should use postValue() method to set values from worker thread

You must call the setValue(T) method to update the LiveData object from the main thread. If the code is executed in a worker thread, you can use the postValue(T) method instead to update the LiveData object.

Look through Update LiveData objects paragraph

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