I have built a PWA for iOS and it's working fine most of the time. It is able to keep session state after switching to different app then back to PWA, but not always.

There are links in my PWA that points to a third party web site that uses Ping SSO and MFA. Basically when users click the link, it goes to the third party web site. If user is not logged in yet, he will be redirected to Ping login page. He enters ID and Password then continue to next page, which is an MFA screen that asks user to enter a confirmation code he received via email or text. He would then enter the code the hit continue button, which eventually landed on the third party web page. At this point, the user is logged in successfully. The following problem happens occasionally without a pattern: when user is on the MFA screen that requires the code, occasionally PWA doesn't keep state when user switch from PWA to mail app or messaging app to retrieve the MFA code. When he switches to PWA after copied code from another app, PWA lost state and started from scratch (displaying PWA home page) as if he didn't enter id password. This prevents users from logging in. I understand that Apple fixed 'PWA not keeping state' in iOS 12.2 and have seen that most of time it indeed works as expected.

I expect PWA to always keep state after switching from other app back to PWA.

  • That may be IOS bug. Have you tried to report it? PWA is fairly new technology and doesn't has the best support for now – Arseniy-II Jul 10 at 9:38

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