I have a Vue website built and I have published it as in NPM.

My plan is to use this single app in Cordova to create an iOS, Android and web based browser site. Common site for all 3.

I cannot find any help online on how do this. I have read all the bits of the Cordova docs that seems relevant. Google is no help.. I am stuck..

Can someone please point in in the right direction here? Maybe this is not possible. Maybe it is.. I can't find an example of it online and I don't have a clue where in Cordova code to get this done.

  • Wow. Maybe it is not possible.. Plenty 'components NPM' stuff on google. But I need to have a call in the vue app, the returns the entire app. A few lines in cordova that returns an entire functioning Vue app from an NPM. – DoblyTufnell Jul 16 at 5:05

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