I have task to sort files into directories.

I have files like:


And I need to create a function that wil create directory based on the first two letters and copy the coresponding files there.
So there will be directory AA with files AA12,AA34,AA56 and directory BB with the files BB12,BB34 etc.

 |- AA12
 |- AA34
 |- AA56

 |- BB12
 |- BB34

I was thinking about just creating all the directories by hand and then copying the files.

string directoryPath = @"C:\\AA";
if (!Directory.Exists(directoryPath))

But is there more elegant and automated way of doing something like this? Thanks

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    You already said what you want/need to do And I need to create a function that will create directory based on the first two letters and copy the corresponding files there.. Where are you getting stuck? Please read How to create a Minimal, Reproducible Example then edit your question accordingly. – IDarkCoder Jul 9 at 6:36
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    you don't know how to extract the first 2 letters from the filename? you don't know how to combine a path with the 2 letters to create a full directory path? – Mong Zhu Jul 9 at 6:42

Thanks for @Mong Zhu for pointing out the full path issue try this:

string path = ".";
foreach (string file in Directory.GetFiles(path))
    string fileName = Path.GetFileName(file);
    string dirfileName = fileName.Substring(0, 2);
    if (!Directory.Exists(dirfileName))

    File.Copy(path + "\\" + fileName, path + "\\" +dirfileName + "\\" + fileName);
  • a little more explanation of what this piece of code does would greatly improve the quality of your answer – Mong Zhu Jul 9 at 9:53

Thanks to Sohaib Jundi I came to the solution and I did it this way:

string path = @"C:\\";
string destination = @"E:\\";
foreach (string fileName in Directory.GetFiles(path))
            string onlyFileName = Path.GetFileName(fileName);
            string dirName = onlyFileName.Substring(0, 2);
            string dirPath = $@"{destination}\{dirName}";
            if (!Directory.Exists(dirPath))

            File.Copy(fileName, $@"{dirPath}\{onlyFileName}");

Thanks Sohaib Jundi for you help and hopefuly somebody will find this useful.

  • this : if (!Directory.Exists(dirPath)) is actually superfluous. CreateDirectory will only create if the directory does not exist yet. Otherwise it will do nothing – Mong Zhu Jul 9 at 8:11
  • why do you extract the filename Path.GetFileName(fileName) twice? – Mong Zhu Jul 9 at 8:11
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    I have edited the GetFileName so it only extract once now. – Myslatron Jul 9 at 8:28
  • if the answer by @SohaibJundi helped you to solve the problem. You should mark it as accepted. If you don't know how to do it, this post might help. – Mong Zhu Jul 9 at 9:52

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