when i use el-select, my label has &nbsp, but when display in browser it can't change into space

This is running element-ui@2.10

        <el-select v-model="value" filterable @change="currentSel" id="demoSelect" class="el_select_width">
              v-for="item in job_info"

The value of the label is ”my&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;label&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;1“

I expect the output is "my   label   1"

But the actual output is "my label 1"

  • Why do not just add more spaces on your model definition? – Jérôme Jul 9 at 10:04

I'm a little unclear what you're asking, especially as it isn't clear whether SO is misrepresenting your question by interpreting some of your escape sequences as HTML. I've done some experimenting with el-select to try to deduce what you're probably asking.

If possible I suggest using JavaScript string escaping rather than an HTML entity. For a non-breaking space that would be \u00a0.



Keep in mind that &nbsp; is not some magical incantation to make the browser insert a non-breaking space, it's just a named entity used to refer to a Unicode character. That same character can be included directly in a string, as in my example, dodging any assumptions about downstream escaping.

An alternative might be to use normal spaces and some white-space CSS, but that still requires you to remove the &nbsp; from the label.

  • thanks! change &nbsp; into \u00a0 then it's working! – Allen Jul 9 at 12:33
  • thanks thanks thanks thanks again – Allen Jul 9 at 12:54

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