I am trying to cache many bigger media files (50-500MB each) locally in a chrome app, so it does not need to download them each time. To do this I want to get as many space as possible for my chrome app.

I found the "unlimitedStorage" permission which description says the following: "Provides an unlimited quota for storing HTML5 client-side data, such as databases and local storage files".

I thought about using the cache api, as it also automatically deletes data if there is no space left. However, does the "unlimitedStorage" api include the caches api? If not, which api would be best suited to get as many storage as possible from the device?

  • I think this is something you should ask a Chromium engineer, maybe on crbug.com or in a public discussion group like this one or on their IRC channel. Note that when there's really no space Chrome will ignore any permissions, of course. – wOxxOm Jul 9 at 13:42
  • Are you talking about the #chromium irc on freenode? And yes, of course it will stop when there's no more storage available. However the question is, which api will give me the maximum available storage – Florian Jul 9 at 13:58

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